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On Being Tolerant…

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Hubs and I are taking a class/workshop called 7 Steps to Becoming Financially Free that is being offered through our Church Parish.  We had looked into it last year, but neither of our work schedules really allowed us the time to do anything extra.

This year?  Much different.

The basis of the class is obviously becoming financially free but how to do so but looking at God’s plan for us.  There’s lots of Scripture to be read and plenty of religious concepts and theories to be considered when going through the text and workbooks.  And to be perfectly honest, I’m surprised at how much history is rooted in this class through the Bible.  I’m even thinking about taking an actual Bible study course, but that is a long way off for now.

ANYway… Initially, I was going to be taking the workshop alone, as Hubs schedule is still crazy, and whatever I learned I would share with him as we go through it in class.  Things changed, as they often do, and he was able to attend this week.

Last week I had ranted about Dude in the class.  Total misogynist and loves listening to himself talk, and it’s usually about nothing.  I had mentioned all this to Hubs from last week’s class, and he had NO IDEA what I was talking about, but I think it’s safe to say he got a good idea of what I meant this week.

No matter what we were talking about, Dude insisted on putting in his two cents and being argumentative about absolutely everything.  He was even arguing with the teacher, claiming that the Bible said no such thing.  At which point the teacher pulled out the Bible, flipped to a page and showed him EXACTLY where the words were written.  Score.

Other than being argumentative, he spoke quite a bit on how all women MUST buy shoes in excess to match their purses, which were also purchased in excess.  He also spoke about how we shouldn’t help homeless or needy people because they are all looking for a quick buck to spend on beer or wine or weed.  EVERYONE spoke up then in defense of helping the homeless or less fortunate, because you just never know what someone else’s situation is.

I think it’s safe to say that I keep my frustration to myself when dealing with Dude.  It will do no good to argue back, although I did have a great point or two that I made to disprove his anti-everything outlook.  It can be difficult dealing with people who just don’t get it, or just don’t want to.  They claim to be enlightened, but the only thing that may be enlightening to them is the illumination of a light bulb.

But other than Sir Douchebag, the class is great, and I really think we’re going to take some good things and practices away from this, even if we don’t actually become financially free.

What’s your take on dealing with unruly people who insist on objecting to everything just to object?

What’s your take on becoming financially free?


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