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The Good, the Bad, and the Obnoxious

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I mentioned in a previous post that Hubs and I were taking a workshop/class at our church on good financial practices.  It’s every Wednesday evening, and this week was pretty much a repeat of last week, just with a different lesson focus.

What I mean is that Dude was just as obnoxious as ever.  I’m sure we all have our theories about why he is so argumentative, although I’m not sure anyone cares to know what his real situation is.  He is THAT obnoxious and offensive.

He clearly hates women, OR thinks men who have to ask their wives if they can make a purchase are pansies and not real men.  Um, HELLO?  The class is mostly women with the exception of Hubs and Dude.

He hate Filipino women.  Aside from the fact that our instructor is from the Philippines, our parish has a large number of Philippine descendants.

“Women tend to only rule the home in black families.”  I paraphrased this one because I can’t remember the exact phrase, but the sentiment was the same.  As a woman who comes from a biracial home, I was truly offended.  And expressed and refuted everything that was wrong with his statement.  Just because I don’t look like I’m black because I’m really light skinned does not mean I do not have ties to that heritage.

And then he made some comment about “why do people think things happen for a a reason?  What about children that are born with deformities?  What was the reason for that?”

Hubs was all over that one with a verse from the Gospel of John, aside from refuting everything that was wrong with everything he said.

I don’t know what it is about some people, but I think this one just gets off and pissing people off.  And he insists that this workshop is only about married people with families, of which he has neither.  If you really looked at the materials, you would know that not every situation applies to every person anyway, but you should still be able to take something away from it.

Other than Dude, the class is great.  Hubs mentioned tonite that he was really glad we are taking it together.  It’s the type of thing that will help our relationship, but it’s not actual therapy.  So, bonus.


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