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Oh, the Dreams

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Everything I’ve read about pregnancy has told me that vivid dreams come with the territory.  And all that information could not have been more accurate.

It’s not the random appearances by Christian Kane and Eliza Dushku up for a little naughty play that make me think a little bit harder.  It’s the reappearance of those dreams where I’m being chased and eventually find my way out before waking up.

The most recent of these anxiety dreams involves me just having purchased a new car, and subsequently drowning said car by trying to back into a parking spot but going just a little too far and ending up in a lake.  The second part of this dream involves the running.  I’m running, trying to escape an unknown man and somehow I end up trying to hide in my parents house on their third floor.  The man finds me just before I wake up, but I manage to get away.

The most amazing part about these vivid dreams is how totally different they are from each other.  From the classic anxiety dreams to dreams about the new baby, they couldn’t be more different.  I’ve even been having dreams about the animals.  Go figure.

What kinds of weird dreams did you have during pregnancy?


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