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Can’t Hide It Anymore

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I’m finding that there are so many funny things about being pregnant, from the vivid dreams to the random onslaught of debilitating hunger the cleverly disguises itself as nausea.  But what baffles me more than anything is the clothes, and how they fit.

I’ve been wearing my regular clothes all along, not at all thinking that I needed to change up my wardrobe just a little.  Although certain pants were starting to get uncomfortable, and most of my tops just seemed big enough to make my “baby bump” not all that noticeable.

On a random whim while working looking around the store, I found a few tops and dresses that were terribly cute and not at all considered maternity. And of course I tried them on.  And they looked fabulous.


Now you can tell I’m pregnant.  Or perhaps really fat.  But my first guess would be pregnant.

And it’s cute.

Now that we’ve heard a heartbeat, and seen his little body and have a due date, I think it’s much more fun to show it off a little and tell people.  Lord knows Hubs has told nearly everyone he sees, including total strangers.

So, here I am at 18 weeks.  More excited than I was last week because I have a whole ton of new information about the little nugget inside me and a wardrobe to match.

Gotta love the pregnant life.


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