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Running the Bases Before He Can Run

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We took Logan to his first minor league baseball game Wednesday night.  We’d taken him to a college-level summer league game a few weeks back, where he slept the whole time.  But there is definitely a difference between the summer league and a AAA minor league team. 

Unfortunately, it was another hot day and the setting sun provided little to no relief with the exception of a minor breeze here and there.  The other upside was that we got seats behind Home Plate, which is always nice because you can see everything that’s happening.


We didn’t bring the carrier/car seat because they charge the cost of an adult ticket to bring those things in.  Capitalism at its best.  But Logan seemed fine sleeping in my arms and being handed back and forth between Hubs and me.  The only things I really remember about the game itself was that the Mud Hens scored 4 runs in the first inning and the Tides lost 4-3. 

After the game they often let kids run the bases, but at this game they opened it up to everyone.  Probably because there weren’t all that many people there.  Hubs was so excited to take Logan around the bases.  Because who doesn’t love a “first.”


Probably my favorite part of the night was when we were leaving and Hubs was carrying Logan out.  I love watching the great father/son moments, and I know they’re important to Hubs.  And they are certainly important to me.  And I know looking back Logan will know how loved he is.  And that he ran the bases before he was even able to walk.  Yup.  THAT’S the impressive part.


And I’m sure there will be so many more baseball games to come.  And more bases to run.


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