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We’ve been having a few really long days for the last couple of days.  Ones where Logan eats a lot, and frequently, and doesn’t sleep long because he’s waking up to eat.  And sometimes when he’s awake and gets fussy, there is no solution other than to try nursing.  And that usually only works for about half the time. 

Of all the things I knew about babies and out of all the things I’ve read, I KNEW that babies enjoy being rocked to sleep.  I even put a gliding chair and ottoman on my baby shower registry, thinking Logan would be in my arms and we would rock together.  Not so much.  Usually, yes.  But sometimes we sit on the couch and just cuddle.

But out of all of those things, it never occurred to me that Logan would enjoy being in his carrier in the chair and just rocking.  And I KNEW babies like to be rocked to sleep.

He was so fussy, and I was trying to get dinner ready for Hubs and the rest of what he needed for work tonite, and it just dawned on my to put Logan in the chair.  And within ten minutes he was out. 

Total Mommy WIN.

I swear, I’ll get the hang of this parenting thing.  Someday.  Maybe never.


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