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Two Years

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We’ve been in Virginia for two years.  It’s hard to believe how far we’ve come, and fast time has flown by. 

We lived in a hotel for six weeks, found jobs, got an apartment, got married, “adopted” a puppy, got pregnant, had a baby, and moved into a larger place.  And that’s just the major stuff.  Thinking about all the little things that have happened since moving here – just amazing.

Having two years under my belt does make me look back and see how much I’ve changed during that time.  Looking back at the photos just amazes me.

It also makes me wonder where I would be had I chosen a different path.  Would I be married?  Would I have a baby?  Would I be in Virginia?  Would I be having the time of my life?

It’s also funny to think about how things were two years ago and the milestones I happen to remember to mark the time.  We left for Virginia just before Shark Week started.  And it was such a hot summer.  This summer may seem hotter, but nothing will beat that first summer down here.

And we have such a great story as to how we got down here.  And people love to hear our story:

Hubs had a teaching job lined up in Sacramento at the beginning of the year, but the with the economy being the way it was, that fell through early on. 

Then we had a plan to move to Florida because I was in line for a transfer within my company.  The day before we were supposed to leave, I got word that the board of directors had decided against the transfer.

We left anyway.  We had said our goodbyes to our friends, family, and churches.  We packed up the car and started driving.  The next day we were in Virginia and the rest is history.

I can’t wait to see what the next year brings, and all our time here after that.


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