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This is the token 9/11 post.  The one where I’m supposed to remember where I was 10 years ago today, when the world nearly ended.

I suspect that lots of people will be writing and remembering and gathering today.  I even read somewhere that there is going to be a huge gathering at Ground Zero.  I also read that the firefighters and police officers were not invited to this gathering because there would be no room after all those politicians.

If it’s true, it’s very sad.

I’m not going to talk about me in this post, but my generation.

I won’t say that I was in the lounge at school, watching the news on the television.  I won’t say that I sat in my car for hours listening to Howard Stern cover the events as thouroughly as he could while sending most of his staff home.  I won’t say that I called everyone I knew to make sure they were okay and that no one they knew was hurt.

9/11 occurred during a time before Twitter, Facebook, and Myspace were around.  Before social networking was the fastest and most accurate way to get your news.  It occurred during a time when we still watched TV and read the newspaper to see what was going on.

It was a time before we had kids, or got married, or got REAL jobs and apartments and became adults.  We didn’t need to think about the future because we could worry about it tomorrow, and today we could still be kids.  We didn’t need to enlist in the military, or think about wars that weren’t in our history books.  It was a time when we could still be naive and no one would mind.

But that all changed in a split second.  All of a sudden, the world almost ended.  All of a sudden we’re going overseas to fight the good fight and show the terrorists that they would not win.  It was then we became patriots.

Ten years ago.

Ten years is a long time, and today it seems like it passed by so quickly.  And maybe it did, because time is relative.  But for some people, Ten years never passed.  For all the people that lost their lives in the World Trade Center Towers, and all those who fought in this war and lost their lives so we could be living ours, ten years did not pass.

There is a man at our church whose name I will someday remember, and he always says when asked what we should pray for: let us pray for all those who have no one to pray for them and cannot pray for themselves.  I thought of that when I started this post.  All those men and women lost their lives unneccessarily, and so many still do, and they cannot pray for themselves.  So on this tenth anniversary of the day the world almost ended, I will remember them, and honor them and pray for them, because what they were doing ten years ago today is far more important that what I was doing ten  years ago today.


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