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Conversations with Hubs: the Jersey Shore

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This conversation was prompted by MTV insisting on marathoning the Jersey Shore this weekend, I suspect because the season finale is coming and they want to make sure everyone remembers everything they ever said that was stupid, annoying, or questionable.

Also, we’re staying in a hotel and have cable.  And our DVD player is packed away in the storage unit.  Fail.


Me:  Can you explain to me how the phrase “do sex” makes any sense?  It makes my ears bleed.

Hubs:  I can’t.

After a minute…

Me:  You know this show is all about people who don’t understand proper English and  just want to drink, go to clubs and hook up, right?

Hubs:  Don’t the girls know they’re on The Jersey Shore?  Don’t they see the cameras?  They must have a reputation there.

Me:  They’re in Italy.

Hubs:  They travel???  They’re ambassadors???

Me:  Yes, clearly.

Hubs:  Please change the channel.


And now we’re watching HGTV and some home remodeling show.


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One thought on “Conversations with Hubs: the Jersey Shore

  1. You bring up some interesting ideas with this write up. I’ve been wondering about this sort of thing for a while so it was nice to read this.

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