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Hotel Debacle

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I’ve had a few good hotel experiences.  And a few bad ones.  And one really traumatic one that sets the tone for all future hotel stays, and well, life in general.  Because of that traumatic experience I can’t…

…walk on hotel carpet without shoes on, or I cringe the entire time.  Unless the hotel is really SUPER nice, and then it’s cool.

…sleep on the bed without my own blanket/sheet covering it.  I don’t think I need to elaborate here.

And I’m sure there are other things I can’t think of at the moment.

But out of the things I cannot do, nothing pissed me off more than what happened during our current hotel stay.

We had money stolen.

I mean, come on.  Seriously.  It wasn’t that much.  Maybe $20, but still.  Who even has the audacity do even do something like that?  I suspect maid service.

I’m annoyed for a few reasons.  First, WHY THE HELL DID YOU TAKE MY MONEY?  And also, WHY DID YOU RIFLE THROUGH THE CLOTHES DRAWERS TO FIND IT?  Seriously.  WTF.

As soon as Hubs discovered it was missing, he asked me if I had taken any.  I’ve had this little tendency to sometimes forget to tell him that I’ve taken some cash.  I always tell him, but usually I forget to do it right away.  So when he asked this time and I said no I knew there was something up.

It actually makes me question the “tip” we left last week.  No one did anything to EARN the tip.  Sure, we had fresh towels, but the beds were left a mess, etc.  And the $5 bill I left on the nighstand was gone.  I wonder if they knew it was a tip or thought they were capitalizing on the assumed stupidity and naivete of hotel guests.  My guess is the latter.  Bastards.

I reported it immediately, and the overnight hotel girl – not the same old guy that hits on me every night when I come down to get ice and calls me Night Owl – told me she would write it in the book and the head of housekeeping would look into it.  Seriously, I know you’re not management, but can you give me something a little more than that, please.  For a second, I thought about exaggerating the amount when I talk to actual management today.  It’s your dumbass stupidity that decided to take my cash, you don’t deserve to have you word trusted.  I COULD say whatever I want, but I don’t think I will.

I don’t like this hotel life business, but there is an endgame in the future that we’re getting close to.  It just needs to come sooner rather than later.  Or we need to switch hotels.


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