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Conversations with Hubs: A Walk Through Walmart

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Yesterday, we did some pretty serious shopping by way of baby gates and a new vacuum cleaner.  When we got to Walmart, it was raining pretty heavily, so Hubs dropped the Boy and me off at the door, and parked the car.  We shopped and tried to waste a little time.

Hubs: It stopped raining.  It looks pretty light out.  We should go, like, NOW.

Me:  Boy’s in a good mood.  Can we do some grocery shopping while he’s in a good mood?

Hubs:  Sure.

A while later… we checked out, paid and walked to the door.  All of a sudden, the sky opened up and started raining so hard you could hear the echo in the store.


At which point a Walmart employee that is 10 feet away in front of us dies laughing hysterically.

Me:  You are SO LOUD.


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