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I’ve been thinking a lot today about how we ended up in Virginia.  There were so many things that had to happen for us to get where we are.

Actually, this was prompted by a sales visit we had today with a security company.  The sales woman was asking questions about why we moved here, and if we had any family in the area, or were military.  Those are never hard questions to answer, but I always wonder what people are thinking when I tell them our story – about how we got here.  And it’s such a great story, I think…

Hubs and I had reconnected and started dating again at the end of 2008.  He had mentioned that an old friend of his was the principal of a school in Sacramento, and offered him a teaching position at his school.  Of course Hubs wanted me to go with him.  So we started dreaming about all the things we could do in California, a place I would love to end up in someday.  In January of 2009, the plan for Sacramento started to fade.  There were budget issues, and as luck would have it, Hubs’ friend was transferring to Washington DC.

We started thinking of other ideas that involved warmer climates.  The company I worked for at the time had just procured a company in Boca Raton during the previous year, and were in the middle of transitioning products and staff.  I talked to my boss about a transfer to that office.  I got all but the official thumbs up, and my boss was excited to see this happen.  Hubs and I started making plans.  I found a few apartments to look at once we got down there and started doing research for things that he could do for work.

Months and months went by and our plans progressed.  We were set to leave on a Tuesday in late July.  We said goodbye to our church and most of our friends.  We had a going away dinner with my in-laws.

That Monday my boss told me that the board met on Friday and denied my transfer, and that I no longer had a job.  I packed up my desk, and had many sad goodbyes.  Hubs and I kept going as planned.  We didn’t tell anyone the plans had changed.  As far as anyone knew, we were still going to Florida.

We packed our car and started driving south.  We finally got tired of driving in Norfolk, Virginia, and decided to stop for a couple of days to see what there was to offer.

Almost three years later, we’re still here.

I love telling that story to people because it shocks them.  Everyone expects us to be military or to have family here or some other ties, but we don’t.  Most people are impressed that we could have taken such a risk and have everything turn out okay.

It’s funny.  There are two funny answers I like to tell people BEFORE I tell the real story about how we got here.  The first is an old I Love Lucy joke: We ran out of gas and stayed here.  The second is when we got here, we thought it was hot enough so we stayed.

Since we’ve been here, we’ve gotten married, we had a baby, and we bought a house.  For having absolutely nothing when we got here, I think we did alright.

When I really sit and think about all the things that have gotten us to this point, all the crap, all the drama, all the questions and uncertainty and instability, I really think everything has helped shaped me as a person and had a serious impact on my life.  Life isn’t about the endgame.  It’s about the journey, and all those moments that get you to where you’re going.  And, boy, has this journey been worth it.

What is the biggest risk or gamble you’ve taken?  What was the consequence or reward?  Was it worth it?


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