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Newsletter: Month Nine

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Dear Logan,

Today, you are nine months old.  Funny as it is, you have been here in the world on the outside just as long as you were on the inside.  It’s funny to think about how fast time has gone by.  And you’ve done nothing but amaze me in your short time with us.

Yesterday you finally decided that you liked your sippy cup, and now you won’t let it go.  A week ago, you wore your first real pair of shoes and sandals.  You don’t LOVE them.  Frankly, I think you give me dirty looks every time I put them on your feet.

But you’ve been moving leaps and bounds.  You eat anything we give you, and I hope that continues as you get older because I want you to be a foodie, not a picky eater like your mom.  Onions?  Yuck!  Sadly, though, you are allergic to strawberries, although I hope that will pass because they are just so yummy.

I can’t believe how much you’ve changed since you were born.

You are turning into such a handsome little boy.

And you have such a big personality.  But it’s no surprise given who your parents are.

You love food, standing, trying to walk on your own, playing in your room, reading, and playing at the beach.  The next time we have a beautiful day, we’re going to get you some beach toys so you can REALLY play.

You also have finally taken a liking to the rocking horse you got for Christmas.  You used to be afraid to ride it, and now you try to climb it on your own.  You’re a little risk taker.

And you still love playing the piano.  You play every chance you get.  And you can’t get enough.  And there’s that cute way you turn and smile looking for approval for the awesome song you just played.

Every day is a new day with you, kiddo.  There’s always something new that you do or try.  And holy potatoes are you talking up a storm.  You’ve got a very clear “Mum-mum-mum” and “Da-da-da.”  It cracks me up because it seems you know what you’re saying when you say it.  But that could be coincidence.  Who are we kidding?  You’re brilliant!  You know who you want to talk to.  When you’re cranky or sad or want Mumma, you know how to call her.  And it’s so great.

What about those crocodile tears?  You’ve mastered the art of being a big, fat, faker and it is hysterical.  Because while you’re a pro at pretending to be sad because you didn’t get your way or someone told you ‘no,’ I’ve become quite adept at determining which cries are your real cries, and which ones have nothing but fake tears.  And you know I know, but you try anyway.

And then there’s that adorable way you smile at everything.  You are such a happy kid, it’s amazing.

It’s hard to picture my life without you in it.  And every day with you is so much fun.  And I honestly can’t wait to see what you come up with next.




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