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A Post About My Free Knife

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As if clothes shopping wasn’t bad enough, but did I really need to be distracted by the promise of a free knife?

But I totally was.  I was busy stalking a dress in Walmart when they announced that in two minutes, everyone would receive a FREE KNIFE.  And who doesn’t like free?

It ended up being a demonstration about the famous Forever Sharp knife that is guaranteed never to go dull over the life of the knife, which is supposed to be forever.  And for watching/participating in the demonstration, we got a free paring knife, for each of us.  Because who doesn’t love a paring knife?

I can’t say I wasn’t excited about watching a demonstration about a really cool knife.  I totally was.  I raised my hand and got a free “World’s Smallest Juicer.”  Which, apparently they sell in Florida for $3.  But I got it FREE!

So obviously the demonstration was to promote this really sharp knife and get you to buy it.

And guess who has a new set of knives?  Yup.  Me!  But we needed them, so it was a great deal.

So for participating, we both got a free paring knife, and I got the juicer.  The part where you had to buy something came a little later where you buy the knife which is a $33 value, and you get a second knife free.  And then they just kept adding free things.

And this is what we got.

And this is what it looks like out of the box.

Yup.  That is 3 Forever Sharp knives, a Pro-filet knife, 2 paring knives, 2 juicers, AND a set of 4 steak knives.  And this was in addition to the paring knives and juicer we already got.  Do the math.  It’s a lot of knives.  And they are really sharp.  The informercials show this knife cutting through an aluminum can.  But the demonstrator used a steel hammer a carving board and a tomato to show just how sharp this knife was.  Yup.  I was sold.

We really don’t have a need for 3 of those knives.  I wonder if we’ll ever had the need for 2.  But they give you the third knife for free with purchase so you can give it to a friend.  And every sales person or business owner out there knows that word of mouth is the best advertising is people talking.

So we have this extra knife.  And we really haven’t been out much to give it to our friends so we can tell them how awesome this really awesome knife is.   But in the meantime I had to write this post to talk about how much I love this knife.  And that I got so much for free.  And to plug their website.  And to mention that with this knife and set of knives, you will probably not need another set of knives.  Ever.  And I plan to test this fact.

Now, here’s the question: WHO WANTS A FREE KNIFE?  I have one to give away, so please let me know if you’re interested.

And check out their website for a great deal on the sets they offer.

Forever Sharp Knife Series

***I was not asked to write this post, nor am I being paid for it.  I was only asked to give a free knife to a friend and to pass along my excitement about this product.***


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