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Hubs and I have been talking on and off about what to do about school for the Boy.  The agreed upon idea is to have him attend elementary school here in Virginia, and then for middle school, send him North to be with his relatives and have the benefit of education in the North, while attending the choir school, provided he can – and he probably will – get in.  I’m actually quite happy with this plan for a few reasons.  The first is that it is extremely important to Hubs that the Boy at least audition for the choir school.  The second is all the time he’ll get to spend with his grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins who all live in the same general area.  And thirdly, because there is no question that the schools in Massachusetts are exemplary.  I’d say they were number one, on speculation only simply because in my research, I found out that MA was recently ranked #3 out of 50 for education.  Vermont ranked first.  And Virginia ranked seventh on the same list.

But there are so many different lists out there.  In some, MA is ranked first.  But what are they basing these rankings on?  Is it overall test scores?  Percentages of students that can read at an advanced level?  How many degrees the state is handing out?  Because all are very valid statistics.  But they change with the wind, I’m sure.

Don’t get me wrong.  I love Virginia and I love the South.  But I am worried about how good the education system is.  Granted, the Boy will theoretically only be attending until he is middle school aged, so it doesn’t matter.  Except it does.  And of course, we can do as much home schooling as we need to to supplement what he may not be getting.  And all this is speculation of course because I don’t know first hand how the education system is here.  Although, having heard the word funner twice in one day really makes me question how well children are being taught.  And what’s worse is that I heard it from an adult on the radio, and then a student said it later in an unrelated topic.  A word like that makes my ears bleed.  And I make up words all the time, but that was just ridiculous.

What was also interesting was yesterday, Hubs and I had some free time, so we went to our local Harley store where they had a petition we’d wanted to sign about tolls they want to put in on our tunnels.  We’re against those tolls, in case you were wondering.  Anyway, after signing the petition, we spoke to a salesman about buying a bike, and he had some great information, which is a whole other story.  The interesting part about our salesman was that he was a retired Math teacher from Brockton, MA who moved to Virginia in 2005.  He has two young children who are not yet in school, and he and his wife are struggling with the same issue of what to do about education that we are.  His opinion was that, coming from MA and being a retired teacher, MA has the best school system in the country.  Of course, I’m sure he’s biased having taught in Brockton, but it is clearly a consensus that MA may have a better school system than Virginia.

We still have time to decide, with Boy still being so young.  But we’re also thinking that he will probably attend a Catholic school down here instead of the public schools.  And again, this is a long way off.  Or maybe it’s not.

Also, I think the South gets a bad rap and is constantly, from what I see, being referred to as uneducated.  But do I really want to test that theory?

A question for you, gentle readers: what are your thoughts on the school systems in your area?  Would you move to be in a better district or state that allegedly has the highest rates or scores?  What about education, benefits and programs for children with special needs – would you relocate for a better program, or would you not want to move because the programs are the most beneficial?


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