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First Stop, Savannah, Georgia

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We got back from our nice little vacation Wednesday.  We drove down to Florida to visit Hubs’ parents, as we have done and will do every year.  So since we drove down, so much time in the car meant a lot of stops to stretch and rest and let the Boy stretch and walk around with us.

One of my favorite stops on the drive down was beautiful Savannah, Georgia.  Hubs has a friend who visited Savannah recently and said it was the best part of his trip.  So Savannah came strongly recommended.  It was definitely our best stop on the way down.

There is so much history and beauty in Savannah.  I was constantly snapping pictures, trying to capture as much as I could in the short time we were there.

Our first stop out of the car was a gorgeous water fountain – because we love water fountains – and the Boy loved watching it.  In fact, he could barely take his eyes off it.  This is one of my favorite pictures of Hubs and the Boy.  It’s almost like being there, looking at this picture.

The Capital building (?) was the first thing to catch my eye when we drove into town.

The flowers were just magnificent.  In fact, I saw other people with their cameras just taking pictures of the different flowers and the gigantic trees with beautiful Spanish moss draping down.

And then there were the bridges.  And the cobblestone streets.  And the riverfront.  There was nothing about Savannah that didn’t awe me.

Oh and the statues.  There is so much history in Savannah.  One interesting tidbit that we read about was John Wesley, who co-founded the Methodist movement with his brother Charles Wesley.  And they are both known for writing many Christian hymns.

On our way out of Savannah, we drove along the riverfront so we could drive on the cobblestone street.  At one shop, there was a line around the corner.  It was either an ice cream shop or a place to take tours of historic Savannah.  There were also street performers at almost every quasi-intersection.  Hubs wanted to stop and pull out his guitar and start jamming with them, but he settled for slowing down and giving them encouraging nods, and perhaps trying to sing with them while driving by.

Being there reminded me of Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil, except not.  It was a movie from the 90’s staring John Cusack, and while it took place in Savannah, I don’t remember anything in the movie looking like anything we saw while we were there.  I did, however, think in a heavy Southern accent.  I may have spoken with it as well, but I was too busy taking pictures to maintain it.

All in all, this may be a permanent stop on our drive down from now on.  It’s funny, considering we’ve been down to Florida three times in the past three years, and this was our first time stopping in Savannah.  Our first year we stopped in St. Augustine, Florida, which we did on the way back this year.  And we love it.  And the Boy is still very young, but I hope that he’ll remember our trips as he gets older and we do them every year.


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