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B is for… Blogging


I guess I consider myself a blogger.  I love to write, although I’ve taken time off to live life and move forward and other such things.  I turned to blogging more than five years ago as a means of clearing my head and talking to someone – or no one – without having to go outside an albeit awful relationship at the time.  I wanted something to do.  I wanted something to help improve my writing and create good habits and bounce ideas off others for the many book ideas I have.

I have three active blogs.  Each of them represents a different aspect of me.  There was a time when I only kept one and it got too cluttered with everything and I needed to start dividing and creating categories and separating different aspects of myself.  Now, I have three.  You are here at my personally personal blog which is just that.  And about me finding myself and being myself and doing what I do and just writing about it.

Then there’s my baby.  My lifesblood of the blogging universe…  Shameless TV.  The one that really started it all.  And I still like to write there because I love TV and I’d love to write for TV and there is just so much to talk about.

And then there’s my notebook.  Why We Fight: Essays on Buffy.  That is a place where I can obsess about Buffy and put down ideas I’m having about a particular aspect about the show I want to write about so I can flesh it out later, and hopefully publish these essays.

I don’t especially have a lot of followers.  And that used to matter a lot.  I was trying to write for an audience.  And while I’m still doing that, I’m writing more for me.  And if someone happens to stumble upon a little nugget of gold I put out there, I hope they like it enough to comment.  And I hope to become friends with those who share the same thoughts as I do or read the same blogs or are passionate about the same things.   And I’ll be grateful either way.

So I guess I do consider myself a blogger.  It’s just who I am.


Author: Kerri with a K

Kerri. 30. TV-obsessed. Blogger. Wannabe special agent. Mom-extraordinaire. Just a little of this and a little of that.

7 thoughts on “B is for… Blogging

  1. 🙂 Yep you are a blogger. – I have flip flopped for so long.. to blog or not to blog.. in the end, I have decided not to worry about anyone other than myself & hopefully my kids… I think of my blog as an online diary for my kids. Good luck with the challenge!

  2. You really ARE a Buffy fan!! I love it. 😀 Off I go to read that blog…

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  4. Visiting from A/Z challenge. I’m like you with blogging; it is fun to do and I enjoy writing. I have found if I write to what I think an audience wants to read I get less response than if I write from my heart for me. It is great too to read other’s blogs and get to know lots of people all over the country/world!

    good luck with the challenge!


  5. It is often difficult to restrict our thoughts when we are writing a post on our blog. Very often I find myself having a number of many topics to write about but not being able to start on one. You are first yourself and then a blogger! Great post!

  6. Hello Kerri,

    What a great post! I think this is my new favorite blog! I will definitely be back to see what you dream up for the other letters, and to read more of your lovely writing.

    I am doing the A to Z Challenge as well. Take a peek at my blog too if you get a chance! I write humor, and everyone says I am the funniest person on the planet (well, maybe it is just the voices in my head saying that—that’s the doctor’s latest explanation—but I will take what I can get).


  7. I think bloggin is great for that–sorting thoughts, finding ones self, clarifying your ‘youness’. I used to journal for that purpose, but I find blogging adds a dimension–it requires more coherence and discipline.

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