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D is for… Day by Day


I was a junior in high school when my high school finally found a music director that wanted to do a musical.  We did Godspell.  I remember those days fondly because I honestly had a lot of fun working on it, despite my constant drama-queen-like attitude, and need to quite the production every single day because I was a drama queen.  Or so I’m told.  Ok.  FINE.  I was a little dramatic, but full on drama queen is a bit much.

ANYway.  There were maybe 10 roles and only so many songs, but I got a solo for one song.  And I hated it.  And I complained about it every day.  And tried to get rid of it because I wanted to sing a different song.  And what happened?  I kept that song AND got another one I hated singing.  Of course.  The song I had to sing?  Day by Day.

Day by Day, Day by day

Oh dear Lord, three things I pray

To see thee more clearly,

To love thee more dearly,

To follow thee more nearly

Day by day.

And it went on and on and on.  And I hated it.  And it’s funny that to this day I STILL remember the words and how it goes.  And I still have those fond memories.


Author: Kerri with a K

Kerri. 30. TV-obsessed. Blogger. Wannabe special agent. Mom-extraordinaire. Just a little of this and a little of that.

2 thoughts on “D is for… Day by Day

  1. It’s so funny how the things that really challenged us can be the things that we look back on with such fondness. I try and remember that when I’m in the middle of hard things – that I don’t know where this is going to end up, and it’s possible I’ll look back on it later and laugh. It doesn’t always work, but it’s nice to have those moments of perspective, anyway.

  2. Just over from the A-Z Challenge.

    I loved Godspell and funnily enough, Day by Day was one of my favourite songs.
    I have very fond memories of playing that song to death, as my mum threatened repeatedly to take a hammer to my HI-FI System.

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