Kerri, with a K

trying to be me

About Me

What to say about me….

Pages like this are often difficult, simply because what is it you need to know about me that you won’t find out by reading this blog…?

I am Kerri, with a “K.”  I’m a wife, blogger, tech geek, ninja-wannabe, multitasking master, mother to a puppy and kitty, and complicated woman.

I love my life, my husband, my fur-children.

This is my life, and welcome to my blog.


One thought on “About Me

  1. Hi. Now, you may or may not remember who I am. But I have heard wonderful things about you and would really like to meet you. I will be in the local area in 2 weeks time on business. If lunch sounds good to you, I would be happy to get to know you. If not, best of luck with the baby and all the wishes for a happy life.

    *Sometimes a fresh start is all it takes for a true friendship to develop.*
    (I no longer have the phone number you once knew)

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