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Newsletter: Month Ten

Dear Logan Mateo,

I can’t believe you’re 10 months old.  And in nine short weeks, you’ll be 1.  Every time I look at the calendar, more time has passed and you just keep changing and growing.  And you keep doing new things that make us laugh.  You really are my favorite little guy.

Last month we took a very long car trip to visit your Grammie and Papa in Florida, and you were really a trooper.  A 12+ hour car ride is hard for adults, but I can imagine it was much harder for you, as displayed every day now when you fuss more about getting in your carset than you used to.  But I suspect the more we do it, the easier it will be.  We just won’t be doing any super long car rides for awhile.

Your Grammie and Papa absolutely LOVED you.  We went to the beach, and you stuck your toes in the Gulf of Mexico at Fort Desoto, but the water was a little overwhelming for you, so you and I played on the beach in the sand.  And then you ate the sand.  But you still had fun running around and playing with Grammie and Papa.

You also had your first ride in a swing in Florida.  We stopped in St. Augustine at a park that had a merry-go-round, which you did not love.  And you sat in the swing.  And you kicked your feet and laughed.  And it was your favorite thing.

And you’ve been doing more mimicking lately.  You laugh when we laugh.  I’m not sure if it’s a real laugh or a fake copied laugh, but it’s certainly funny.  And you seem happy about doing it.

Oh, and you’ve been waving.  I can’t tell you how happy I am that you’ve started waving.  You don’t wave to everyone.  Mostly to that awesome baby in the mirror, and to mom and dad sometimes, and if you’re in the mood, one of the nice ladies at Church.  And it’s so cute.

This last week, you’ve been doing something totally new and different and cracks me up every time you do it.  And you seem to enjoy it also.  You love the big pillows on our bed, so you try to pick one up, and pull it back on top of you as you fall backwards laughing.  This is the kind of thing I need a video for because I honestly die laughing every time you do it.

I have to say that out of all the funny, cute or amazing things you do, you are still a little ladies man.  In fact, all dressed up in your Easter suit on Easter Sunday, you found yourself a new girlfriend.  She’s older than you, but only by four months.  She held your hand, gave you a hug, and then kissed you.  I thought I’d have a few more years before I’d have to worry about you dating, but this was just plain adorable.

You’ve been so great and so adaptable, even when it’s been hard and we’ve been so busy.  Your dad and I had a real estate seminar, and we were able to work it out so we could go in shifts and someone could stay with you.  Only one day it didn’t work, and we needed a babysitter.  For the second time in 10 months.  And you were great.  It’s understandable that you were a little sad and wasn’t really sure what was going on, even though I talked to you about it beforehand.  You’re still just a little guy, and you’re still learning, and it was hard.  But your babysitter, A, loved you anyway.  And we made sure to thank her the next chance we got.  And you got her a cute little stuffed bunny to thank her, too.

So, your first Easter was a success, new girlfriend and all.  Oh!  And we played bubbles for the first time!  Meemaw sent you a box of great things, including a tshirt, some toys, and bubbles.  So, of course, we had to play with them.  At first you weren’t sure what to think, but once you realized that those crazy bubbles were getting away, they were so funny.  I’m not sure who was more excited playing bubbles, you or me.  I know I can’t wait to play bubbles again and I can’t wait until I can teach you how to blow bubbles.  I’m sure you’ll love it.

You’ve also been so great at the baseball games we’ve gone to.  Two in the last week.  The second was a hard game because it didn’t start until 7pm, which was awfully close to bedtime.  But we got there a little after 5, and kept you entertained the whole time.  You loved watching the Tides Band

And then bonding with Gramma sitting next to us when she gave you a french fry.  And then another.  You are quite the little charmer, and everyone you meet comments on how happy you are.  And I agree.  You never get sad or fussy unless there’s a really good reason.  Or you’re tired.

I know we keep you busy, and you do so well just going with the flow.  Logan Mateo, you are such a great kid.  And you’re so happy.  And I can’t wait to watch you continue to grow and learn.  It’s been so amazing so far, and you keep the surprises coming.




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First Stop, Savannah, Georgia

We got back from our nice little vacation Wednesday.  We drove down to Florida to visit Hubs’ parents, as we have done and will do every year.  So since we drove down, so much time in the car meant a lot of stops to stretch and rest and let the Boy stretch and walk around with us.

One of my favorite stops on the drive down was beautiful Savannah, Georgia.  Hubs has a friend who visited Savannah recently and said it was the best part of his trip.  So Savannah came strongly recommended.  It was definitely our best stop on the way down.

There is so much history and beauty in Savannah.  I was constantly snapping pictures, trying to capture as much as I could in the short time we were there.

Our first stop out of the car was a gorgeous water fountain – because we love water fountains – and the Boy loved watching it.  In fact, he could barely take his eyes off it.  This is one of my favorite pictures of Hubs and the Boy.  It’s almost like being there, looking at this picture.

The Capital building (?) was the first thing to catch my eye when we drove into town.

The flowers were just magnificent.  In fact, I saw other people with their cameras just taking pictures of the different flowers and the gigantic trees with beautiful Spanish moss draping down.

And then there were the bridges.  And the cobblestone streets.  And the riverfront.  There was nothing about Savannah that didn’t awe me.

Oh and the statues.  There is so much history in Savannah.  One interesting tidbit that we read about was John Wesley, who co-founded the Methodist movement with his brother Charles Wesley.  And they are both known for writing many Christian hymns.

On our way out of Savannah, we drove along the riverfront so we could drive on the cobblestone street.  At one shop, there was a line around the corner.  It was either an ice cream shop or a place to take tours of historic Savannah.  There were also street performers at almost every quasi-intersection.  Hubs wanted to stop and pull out his guitar and start jamming with them, but he settled for slowing down and giving them encouraging nods, and perhaps trying to sing with them while driving by.

Being there reminded me of Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil, except not.  It was a movie from the 90’s staring John Cusack, and while it took place in Savannah, I don’t remember anything in the movie looking like anything we saw while we were there.  I did, however, think in a heavy Southern accent.  I may have spoken with it as well, but I was too busy taking pictures to maintain it.

All in all, this may be a permanent stop on our drive down from now on.  It’s funny, considering we’ve been down to Florida three times in the past three years, and this was our first time stopping in Savannah.  Our first year we stopped in St. Augustine, Florida, which we did on the way back this year.  And we love it.  And the Boy is still very young, but I hope that he’ll remember our trips as he gets older and we do them every year.