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F is for… F/18

It’s been all over the news.  It started locally, but wasted no time spreading like wildfire to DC, Baltimore, New Jersey, the Boston, and beyond I’m sure.  But the news was scary, nonetheless.  A Military Jet (F/18) crashed into a local apartment complex in Virginia Beach just after noon today.  The very same apartment complex Hubs and I would drive by going to the beach for the last two summers.  The very same type of jets that flew over our apartment a few miles away where we lived for two years.  Yeah, it’s scary.

And the miracle here is that everyone survived.  There were several people injured, but no one died.  And with a direct hit like that, I’m surprised but happy that no one died.  Today was Good Friday, and I can imagine there were many people that took the day off or left work early, not to mention all the kids that weren’t in school because of April break or Good Friday.  This had the potential to be a much bigger disaster.

Hubs and I talked to lots of different people who were basically saying the same thing: nothing like this has EVER happened before.  EVER.  And the amusing part to everyone is that in December, they were running maneuvers that used this very scenario, one that would help them navigate through the situation where a jet would land anywhere but the Naval Base.

And no.  No one has ever crashed into an apartment complex like this before, in this area.  However, that is not the first crash the Oceana Naval Air Station has seen 25 crashes over the past four decades, the most recent being in 2007 during a practice run for an airshow.  The jet crashed beyond the runway in the woods and the pilot died.  You can read about a few other incidents in our local paper here.

Whether there have been dozens of crashes or none, it’s still scary to think about those jets flying over our apartment, over the beach, day after day, practicing maneuvers, making noise.

I’m not gonna lie.  I don’t miss those jets.  I didn’t mind them when we lived in their air path.  But I certainly didn’t miss them.  And I miss them much less now.


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Conversations with Hubs: the Jersey Shore

This conversation was prompted by MTV insisting on marathoning the Jersey Shore this weekend, I suspect because the season finale is coming and they want to make sure everyone remembers everything they ever said that was stupid, annoying, or questionable.

Also, we’re staying in a hotel and have cable.  And our DVD player is packed away in the storage unit.  Fail.


Me:  Can you explain to me how the phrase “do sex” makes any sense?  It makes my ears bleed.

Hubs:  I can’t.

After a minute…

Me:  You know this show is all about people who don’t understand proper English and  just want to drink, go to clubs and hook up, right?

Hubs:  Don’t the girls know they’re on The Jersey Shore?  Don’t they see the cameras?  They must have a reputation there.

Me:  They’re in Italy.

Hubs:  They travel???  They’re ambassadors???

Me:  Yes, clearly.

Hubs:  Please change the channel.


And now we’re watching HGTV and some home remodeling show.