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G is for… Green

Going “green.”

Hubs and I went to a real estate seminar this week.  We talked a lot about various dos and don’ts of buying and selling real estate, and what types of things add value to homes when buying or selling.  And I plan to dedicate more of a post to this later on.

But we eventually got into talking about added value things that come from creating a “green” property.  Things like toilets that use less water when the flush to using carpets that are made from recycled materials, or even using bamboo instead of local trees for hardwood flooring.

Although, thinking about it now I’m not surprised, but it was amazing to think of all the things people look for in homes, and that being green is important to a lot of people.

And although we just moved in, and are still trying to do the decorating and all the things that make our house OUR hose, I want to start thinking about things that we can do to make our home more green, and then eventually do them.