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The Boy’s FIRST Christmas

At the ripe old age of 6 and a half months, the Boy celebrated his very first Christmas with us.  Was it everything I ever imagined it would be?  I don’t know.  I really wasn’t sure what to expect.  But it was fun.

The Boy had great fun.  And was spoiled rotten by EVERYONE.  And of course, Christmas for the Boy started weeks ago with our first trip to Boston at Thanksgiving, when his Meemaw wanted to give him everything she’d already bought him right then and there.  But we stopped that right away.

There was so much going on… Let me just post the pictures. 

Checking himself out, while waiting to see Santa… the Boy has this baby that keeps following him around, and it seems he followed him to the mall and ended up in a mirror there.  The Boy absolutely LOVES the baby.

So, just before we got in line to see Santa, the Boy was showing off with his jingle bells.  Honestly, it was THE funniest thing I’ve ever seen.  A woman walked up to the Boy and Pops and said OH MY GOD!  He is just so cute!  I can’t stand it!  At which point the Boy smiled at the woman and started jingling his bells.  Yup, he’s a ham.

Now, the story behind this Santa picture is annoying in that the Boy was napping while Hubs was holding our place in line.  I woke the Boy up, but he kept falling back to sleep on Santa’s lap (priceless), and the elves (ladies working the picture station) kept trying to rush us and wouldn’t let us try to wake him up or fix his hat.  We took the Boy off to side to see the pictures, which were just awful, and I complained until they let us do a retake.  At which point we got the AWESOME pictures I know the Boy is capable of taking.  Mom-WIN. 

 We spent Christmas Eve with Hubs’ side of the family.  Went to church, had a buffet dinner, and went carolling.  This picture is of the Boy with his relatives from Mexico: Auntie Wonderful and cousin MA.  Logan absolutely LOVED playing with MA and his new toys.

Christmas day was jam packed with presents.  And let me tell you, the Boy cleaned up.   

Playing with his first toy of Christmas Day… the penguin plays 3 different songs.  He loves playing with it on the floor, but I think I can also put it on the rail of his bed or pack n play. 

One of MY favorite gifts the Boy got was a highchair.  Now he has his own place to sit when we eat or when I’m doing something and he can just play.  LOVE it.

As promised, we stopped in to see Auntie Mary.  And the Boy cleaned up there, too.  I don’t have many pictures of the wonderful gifts he got there for some reason.  He got a rocking horse that whinnies, shakes it head and tail, a play seat/table that he can sit in and walk around in until he doesn’t fit the seat, and then he can just play with the table (yay!), and a Leap Pad laptop, which I might have more fun with for awhile.  But given the way this kid plays with the computer and our phones and the TV remote, I wouldn’t be surprised if he was controlling that thing long before he turns 2.

Oh, and we just discovered that he loves trains and race cars.  I can’t tell you how excited I am to know this.  Auntie Mary had a train set around her Christmas tree (below), and the Boy was mesmerized, and tried to catch it.  Hubs also took him upstairs to see the race track, which I’m told he also loves.  Just like his dad for sure.


 So the long and short of the Boy’s first Christmas is that it was a good one.  Everyone was so very generous I can’t believe it.

On to New Years!